My group investigates the computational bases of human intelligence, and it particular our perceptual and language processes, using machine learning for electrophysiology, neuroimaging and computational modeling.

In my spare time, I am a core developer of MNE-Python, an open source package for processing human electrophysiological data.

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The Human Brain encodes a Chronicle of Visual Events at each Instant of Time

Wyart and King bioRxiv 2019

tl;dr: We measure brain responses to image sequences, and show how the brain recruits a hierarchy of neural processes in order to efficiently represents multiple snapshots of the past. Check-out our tweet thread for the illustrated summary

Recurrent Processes Emulate a Cascade of Hierarchical Decisions

Gwilliams and King bioRxiv 2019

tl;dr: When an image is ambiguous, the brain slowly recruits a hierarchy of recurrent processes to generate categorical percepts. Check-out our tweet thread for the illustrated summary

Detection of Brain Activation in Unresponsive Patients with Acute Brain Injury

Claassen et al New England Journal of Medicine 2019

tl;dr: Acute brain injury patients can sometimes be behaviorally unresponsive. Yet, we show that 15% of them still demonstrate motor-command brain responses.